Wednesday, September 22, 2010


lot of trouble always happen in human life. But by the name of god off its to much yaar all people are fighting by the name of their God why dear all of us believe in our national Song "vande maateram " hmmmmm i think this is just a political work and nothing else.all higher post Dharma Guru want to become a superpower and also they only think about their own.
My opinion is that if God really exist then by their thoughts i have found they will never want to see us fighting.....
Now the point of making RAM mandir is that if RAM mandir will rebuilt then again a civil war.mandir is for  peace not for war.

जी लो इस पल को यारों ,
न आएगा ये कारवां दोबारा ,
ना बनाव राम मंदिर ,
ना बाबरी कि मस्जिद दोबारा ,
कुछ तुम रो लो ,
कुछ हम रो ले ताकी ,
न हो ये गलती दोबारा
                         श्रीकुमार गुप्ता

Dedicate to the right victims of babri masjid riot..............

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